Typically, windows are one of those things in a home that is overlooked or taken for granted.  Windows just seem to blend into the background.  Until, of course, there is something wrong with them and they need repair.

Why Repair?

Broken windows can cost you extra money due to loss of energy efficiency, resulting in higher heating and cooling costs.  This is especially true if you have issues with exterior or patio doors.

Instead of replacing all the windows in your home, consider the time and budget savings of window repairs Cork.  Let’s face it.  Replacing windows can be very expensive.  As a homeowner, you have a lot of projects competing for your money.  If you can repair instead of replacing the windows in your home, you can restore the beauty of the windows and save big money in the process.  Window repairs Cork give you a cost-effective way to make improvements to your home, and not blow up your budget.

Types of Window Repairs Cork

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Whether you have vinyl, aluminum or UPVC windows, the experts of JM Renovation Company can take care of repairs such as:

  • Replacement of broken windows
  • Replacement of defective or faulty parts to include window handles, hinges, locking mechanisms or other internal parts
  • Correction of jammed, misaligned or “sticky” windows
  • Drafty windows, seal replacement/repair

Replacement vs. Window Repairs Cork

Taking good care of the windows throughout your home is a necessary measure of preventative maintenance.  A regular window maintenance schedule includes checking and repairing windows to keep things operating properly, thereby extending the life of your windows.  It is a wise investment to repair windows now instead of replacing them down the road.In most cases due to lack of maintenance or regular use over time, your windows may simply need replacement of parts to get them working properly again.

Before you resign yourself to purchasing new windows, call the experts at JM Renovation Company, who can evaluate your windows to determine if repairs can be made instead of replacements.

Reasons for Window Repairs Cork

When your windows are not working properly, it’s a matter of repairing them as quickly as possible at a reasonable cost. Older homes may still use those wooden window and door frames, but over time, the wood can swell or incur water damage, which causes problems with opening and closing windows and causes “sticky” windows that become very difficult to open or close. 

In newer homes, in addition to aluminum and vinyl, a popular window frame material is UPVC, which is basically a hard, rigid plastic.  This material is easier to maintain, holds a weather tight seal better and tends to close and lock more securely. 

But UPVC can have more issues with broken parts like hinges or handles, which in turn gives you problems with opening and closing them.  Common problems are with locks, hinges and handles because over time they can warp, break or fail.

Window Repairs Cork Adds Value

One of the things buyers look for when shopping around for a new home is the number and condition of the windows.  Buyers know how expensive it is to have to replace windows and if the windows are working properly, it adds value to the home.  Windows should open and close easily, lock securely and be free of drafts, chips, cracks or other damage.


A broken window can cause in the increase of electricity bill 

Window Repairs Cork

If you find yourself in need of repairs to get things back in proper working order, call the window repair Cork experts at JM Renovation Company.  We can also help you with maintenance to keep all your windows and doors in good shape. During our consultation, we will perform a thorough window examination to determine what is causing the problems with your windows and recommend the service you need to get the problems corrected. When colder temperatures and other weather conditions takes its toll on the windows, the last thing you need to deal with is escalating energy bills.  Maintenance of the windows in your home is a smart, affordable preventative measure that will save you money and headaches in the future. Whether you need to repair one or more of your windows, don’t wait until the problems get worse and costlier.

We can keep an eye on window seals, handles, hinges and on overall window repairs Cork. Our excellent service will ensure that any replacement parts are installed quickly and in accordance with manufacturer’s specifications. A house full of properly functioning and energy efficient windows provides natural sunlight, fresh air and the security that everyone enjoys and needs in their home. JM Renovation Company has the expertise to get your windows back on track so all you have to do is enjoy them for years to come.

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