One of the best, fastest and most cost-effective ways to update your property in Cork is by painting it.  Who knew that a few gallons of paint could literally transform your home from dull and drab to beautifully updated and refreshed?

Why paint?

It is simply amazing how painting a room or rooms in your home can completely transform the look, vibe and freshness of the space.  For considerably less money than a lot of other home improvement projects, don’t dismiss the cost effectiveness and difference a fresh coat of paint or new color scheme can make.

Another bonus is that if you fall in love with a color and fall out of love with it once it’s on the walls, you can easily correct the issue by simply choosing another color.


Before thinking you need to spend a fortune on modernizing your home, consider painting Cork as a first option.

Painter Cork - Types of projects

From whole house refreshing, painting new additions to exterior painting needs, the JM Renovation Company, your painter Cork source, can make the process faster and easier.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a property owner to choose the correct paint, to know whether to use primer, how many coats, etc.  It can also be hard to get the results you envision such as straight edges not overlapping into other paint, or reaching those tricky, high places like ceilings.

Hiring a professional contractor to tackle those painting projects saves you valuable time and money, while delivering the professional results you want.

If you haven’t been to a paint store lately, it can seriously make your head spin.  There are not only so many colors it puts a rainbow to shame, but there are so many other decisions to be made.  Should you use flat, semi-gloss or high-gloss paint?  Latex or oil-based?

Painting Cork - Types of Paint

Painter Cork - Budget

If you think that hiring a professional painter Cork contractor for your project is not in your budget, think again.  Consider the time you will spend choosing the right type of paint from the beginning, the prep and work it will take to complete the project. 

Trying to paint the interior or exterior of your home in the evenings and on weekends or even taking vacation time to finish the project can cause undue stress about the project.

Keep in mind that exterior painting requires the use of ladders and may present physical or safety issues for a property owner.

Our painting Cork team at JM Renovation gets the job done, on time and on budget. 

Painting Cork Contractors

In many cases, all your home needs is a nice, new, fresh coat or two of paint.  Because your home is one of your biggest investments, and even if your budget is tight, the benefits of painting is a decision you can feel good about.  The results will be obvious and worth it.

If getting professional results and excellent service are important to you without the hard work to do it yourself, call for a painter Cork consultation from the professionals at the JM Renovation Company.

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