If your floors or walls are damaged or just in need of a fresh update, look no further than JM Renovation Company, tiling contractors Cork, to help you make the right selection for your tiling project. We’ll help walk you through the process of deciding upon the perfect tiling you need for your bathroom or kitchen renovation.

Tiling Project 101

The work you do up-front is when the real work starts, since there are a lot of decisions to be made involving a tiling project.  Some of these decisions include choosing the size of the tiles, the pattern and colors, in addition to other important factors regarding usage and durability.

Selecting the proper tiling and moving forward with the project boils down to a process.  Since there is a large variety of tiling to choose from, decision-making is step one.

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Tiling, Cork - Purpose and Design

The first step of your tiling project is determining its purpose and design.

If re-tiling a shower or bath for example, you want something that will hold up for years, yet retain its beauty for the long haul.

Another consideration is whether you have hard or soft water or are prone to rust or mineral deposits, to begin selecting the best material to hold up to heavy usage.

If tiling a floor area, it’s important to know how much traffic the area will get and if there is direct intense sunlight which may fade the tile colors over time.

A more neutral design usually works best because as you change furniture and/or appliances, you want to make sure your tile flooring will always work with, not against, any future changes.

Tiling, Cork - Budget

Another big factor in the tiling process is budget.

You can go inexpensive or very expensive and based on the needs and design of tiling, it can help you when crunching budget numbers.

One thing about tiling, Cork customers may not realize there are other things to factor into a budget.

There are behind the scene expenses such as:

  • The need for a new subfloor
  • The need to replace water-damaged drywall behind the old tile
  • Finding mold due to water damage behind existing tile

All these things need to be factored into the budget.

Once you factor all these things into the budget, plus taxes and labor, you will get a far more accurate idea of the cost of your project.  The JM Renovation Company doesn’t like surprises any more than their customers.

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Types of Tiling, Cork

Here is a general overview of the different types of tiling.
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This is a trendy, very popular material.  Natural tile is made from beautiful, durable materials like granite, marble or slate.  With proper sealing and maintenance as directed by your installer, natural tile will last a lifetime.
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Another variation to ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles are made from a mixture of clay and feldspar and fired at extremely high temperatures.  It is used for either floors or walls due to their durable and water-resistant nature.
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Quarry Tiles

A favorite choice of tiling, Cork customers love quarry tiles.  These tiles are made by firing natural shale or clay at extremely high temperatures.  Selecting quarry tiles with a terra cotta finish brings a warm, cozy feel to your home due to the deep brown-to-orange color of the tiles.  A real Irish tradition!
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Ceramic tiles are a popular and budget-friendly choice.  Made from clay and fired at extremely high temperatures, you have a wide variety of colors and finishes to choose from.
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Custom (hand-painted or mosaic)

Custom tiles are lovely because they are unique and original to your home.  Mosaic tile is made by combining small pieces of glass, shells, rocks and other choice materials, then combining with colors.
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Backsplashes (glass)

Glass backsplashes are quite a trendy item found in kitchens.  These glass tiles can be fitted in sheets or individual tiles, bringing a modern, updated look to your room.  Other options for glass tiles or inlays is to add a pop of interest to showers walls and floors.  Offered in a wide array of styles and colors, the way the tiles catch and reflect light.


Based on your tiling selection, you will need to allow time for ordering and shipping of the tiling.  Most times, it’s not a stock item that can be taken from a warehouse shelf.  Allow a few weeks for shipping and handling before you’re ready to begin.  Again, working with tiling contractors, Cork based or nearby you can help with this process.

Tiling, Cork - Installation

Depending on the amount of tiling to be done, installation by a licensed contractor will depend on a few factors.  Size of the space, type of tiling and whether there needs to be repairs completed prior to the actual installation of the tile.  There may be time needed for sealing and/or grouting once the tiling has been installed.

A normal tiling installation is typically completed within a few days to few weeks.

Tiling Contractors, Cork

The bottom line is that while a popular DIY trend may be trying your hand at installing tiling yourself, there are a lot of factors involved that may make this project a frustrating failure.

Selecting a seasoned professional for tiling, Cork area, with years of experience is a far better option since tiling can be expensive and you just can’t afford mistakes.

Avoiding tiling project missteps so there are no uneven tiles, broken seals and proper grouting is what we here at the JM Renovation Company do.  We can assure you that you will be completely satisfied with our work.

You want your new tiling project to be completed in a timely manner on budget and look beautiful for years to come.

For tiling, Cork and surrounding areas, give us at JM Renovation Company a call to begin your stunning tiling transformation.

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