Another one of the most important rooms in the home are the bedrooms. Bedrooms are the go-to for rest, relaxation and comfort.  Bedrooms need to be calming and lovely, not a source of chaos, confusion and frustration. Remodeling or considering bedroom extensions Cork requires thoughtful planning and consideration of your needs and expectations of the room.
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When ceilings need repair due to water damage or cracking, it’s important to address these issues before they get worse.  Tackling a ceiling repair project is recommended sooner than later as putting if off can lead to far more costly repairs or eventual structural damage. The ceiling area is a large space where your eye goes to immediately, so ugly water stains or cracks are hard to conceal.  If you are selling a property, there is nothing that will kill the deal faster than a damaged ceiling. The JM Renovation Company has years of experience in repairing your ceiling, Cork and surrounding areas.
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Bedrooms Cork - Issues

Some of the biggest complaints about existing bedrooms include a too small, cramped space or when there isn’t enough storage or proper lighting. For a bedroom to serve its intended purposes, it needs to address these concerns. There needs to be adequate lighting, storage and room for a comfortably sized bed. Should there be short or slanted ceilings and a tight space to work with, you can see how these present challenges you may need help with fixing.
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Bedrooms Cork - Reasons to Renovate

The reasons for renovating bedrooms can be as simple as the room needing a facelift, or attempting to re-configure or maximize the available space to provide the most room and comfort. It may be that a bigger closet is needed, or a walk-in closet is desired. It could be adding a bathroom to the master suite. Whatever the reason, you’ll know when it’s time for a renovation when the room is not adequately serving its purpose and it doesn’t feel as nearly as comfortable as it should.

Bedrooms Cork - What to Expect

It’s always a good idea to bring in a professional contractor when you are considering a remodel or extension to your home.  During a consultation, a contractor like JM Renovation can tell you right away what issues or additional costs that may come up, and whether your plans line up with building codes and restrictions.

It is also possible for your contractor to make additional or alternate suggestions that you may not have considered, saving you time and money and an even better plan than your original.

Once you get started and depending on how detailed the renovation or extension is, your contractor can give you a timeframe and budget for consideration.

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Bedrooms Extensions - Reasons to Expand

In some cases, the existing bedroom may just be too small.  In this case, a bedroom extension may be the solution.  By adding more square footage to the existing room to incorporate your must-have’s, sweet dreams are right around the corner.
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Bedrooms Cork - Planning

Without a good plan, you won’t be able to incorporate all the things you are looking for in a bedroom remodel or extension.  Once you get your thoughts down on paper, it’s easier to see how things will look and how the whole thing goes together.
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A bed is the single most used piece of furniture in the home.

Approximately 1/3 of an average lifespan is spent sleeping.

Bedroom Extensions and Bedrooms Cork Contractors

You spend every day resting and relaxing in your bedroom.  It is very important to have a bedroom that is comfortable and gives you plenty of space to store your clothes and other personal belongings.  It should be a space you look forward to relaxing and resting in, not one that you try to avoid at all costs.

Let our bedrooms Cork team at JM Renovation Company turn that dream bedroom into a reality for you.  Call today to schedule a consultation.

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