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Bedrooms Cork - Planning

Without a good plan, you won’t be able to incorporate all the things you are looking for in a bedroom remodel or extension.  Once you get your thoughts down on paper, it’s easier to see how things will look and how the whole thing goes together.

It also helps to draw up a plan to see if it’s possible to incorporate all of your wish list items into the available space.

The planning stage helps you to remember all the little details that will make a huge difference once the project has been completed.  Built-in drawers, a reading nook or a place for electronics and books are examples of the little details that will make or break your dream bedroom.

It also helps you decide what you can live without if the budget or space cannot accommodate everything on your wish list.

Another important aspect to consider in the planning stage is to not only think about the bedroom and its present use, but think down the road and long-term.  If you are investing the money in a bedroom extension, consider what the room will be used for 5 or 10 years from now.

Adding valuable space to a home in the form of a bedroom is typically a wise investment for the overall value of your home, but is it a wise investment for your family?