One of the biggest investments you as a property owner need to consider is how to proceed when the time comes to repair or replace the roof and/or gutters.  As a property owner, maintaining curb appeal is just as important as protecting your property.

Overall, roof repairs or replacements can be a major investment.  You need to work with an experienced, reliable company that can perform a thorough analysis of the roof to determine your needs.  From there, to make solid recommendations and provide an accurate, no surprises work estimate.

There are several factors that can affect the cost of your roof repairs or replacement.  These include:

  • Size of the home/roof area
  • Type of roof (flat, steep, different levels, dormers, etc.)
  • Type of replacement roof and shingles (asphalt, gravel, metal, wood, etc.)

When you are looking for professional, reputable roofing contractors, Cork-based JM Renovation Company can help.

In addition to complete roof replacement, here are a few of the other services we offer when it comes to maintaining the look and integrity of your roof and gutters.

cork builders
cork builders

Roof Repairs

Due to a neglected roof, weather- or storm-related damage or just good old wear and tear, there comes a time when roof repairs may be in order.  An experienced roofing contractor has the keen eye to advise what specific roof repairs can solve specific issues.

While roof repairs may be in order due to high wind or other weather-related incidents, watch out for interior water leaks, a real red flag that shingle repairs may be necessary.

Repairs to the roof can include shingle repairs, patching or repairing flashing/sealants.  A proper assessment can reveal early damage, so repairs can fix the problem instead of having to replace the entire roof.  The earlier the issues are discovered and addressed, the better.

Gutter Repairs

Gutters not only compliment and give your home a nice finished look, they are critical to preserving the life and performance of the roof from excessive water pooling and ice damage.  Gutters that are in good working order and draining correctly also prevent water damage to the very foundation of the home.

If the gutters are old and have simply seen their better days, gutter repairs or replacements may be necessary.

As water and debris (such as twigs, branches and leaves) fall onto the roof, the debris heads straight into the gutters.  An accumulation of this debris and resulting damage over time may require gutter repairs.

If gutters get crushed or otherwise damaged by animals or heavier debris from trees, gutter repairs can save you money.

Sometimes property owners underestimate the value of properly functioning gutters.  However, maintaining the gutters is critical to preventing more serious damage to your home down the road.  Some of these costly issues include:

cork builders
  • Leaky Roof
  • Leaks or standing water in the basement
  • Wood damage/rotting
  • Mold/Mold spores
  • Erosion of soil and/or landscaping near home foundation

As you can see, making sure that the gutters and drain pipes are clear and working properly is important to extending the life of your roof and to the foundation and integrity of the home.

A great tool to use with newly repaired or replaced gutters is the fast and easy installation of gutter guards.  Gutter guards are basically a mesh screen that fits inside the gutters to keep them clean, clear and draining at optimum levels.  The screens keep the leaves and other roof debris out of the gutters to prevent clogs, damming and damage to the gutters.

Another bonus is that you won’t have to climb up on that ladder to clean the gutters!  Although it’s wise to have the gutters checked at least once a year, typically in spring or fall, the gutter guards will save a lot of time and offer you more hands-free maintenance of your gutters.

It’s also a matter of preventative maintenance because if you keep the gutters clean and clear, they will last that much longer and save you money in the long run.

Roofing Contractors, Cork

You want to hire a reputable roofing company.  A company who has a lot of experience in all things roofing and who can make solid recommendations about the type of materials to use that will give you a safe, aesthetically-appealing roof that will last. When you as a savvy consumer are looking for great value, excellent service and the use of only top-of-line products, specifically roofing contractors, Cork and surrounding areas, one name comes to mind. The JM Renovation Company has served our many satisfied customers since 2014.  Our company brings over a decade of experience, is fully insured and knowledgeable about just the right roofing and gutter needs for your home. Contact us to set up a consultation for an inspection of the current condition of your roof and gutters. The JM Renovation Company is here to answer questions and take the time to make sure you are another one of our satisfied customers.

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