One of the things that makes a home, especially an older home, so quaint and beautiful is the traditional use of plastering Cork.  Plaster is a building material that was used due to its durability and solid application.  You can really tell the difference in appearance and texture in a home that has plaster walls.  The walls have a bit of an uneven look to them, with a slightly rough sandy texture.

What is Plaster?

Plaster is a mixture of either lime or gypsum with water and sand, and maybe a little animal hair thrown in for good measure.   It was used to build homes primarily in the early 1900’s.  It’s basically a surface cover which goes over a lath board.  A lath board consists of wooden slats, which the plaster fills in and covers.  The benefit of using plaster is that when it dries, it’s very sturdy and solid.  It’s durable and made to last.
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Why does Plaster Crack?

Plaster cracks due to age, the home settling, damage, cutting into the wall or even from pounding on the walls.  Whatever is done to shift the lath is responsible for over 90% of damage to plaster walls or ceiling.  By cutting in to a plaster wall to install an electrical outlet for example, or to add a window or patio door, are examples of things that disturb the lath board, causing it to move, generally resulting in a crack.
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Where do cracks form?

Cracks in plaster are very common in ceilings, in most cases extending from one end of the room to the other or a big corner crack.  It seems that once plaster begins to crack, it’s very easy for the crack to grow and become longer and larger.  That’s why it’s important to address plaster cracks as soon as possible, to prevent them from extending further and resulting in more time and money for you to fix them.
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Repairing Plastered Walls

Repairing plaster in walls involves going behind the outside surface plaster and making repairs to the interior structure.

Therefore, it’s a job left to plastering Cork professionals, such as JM Renovation Company, who have the tools and experience to get into the walls or ceiling without causing more damage, make the interior repairs and seal it up from there.

Plasterer Cork – What to Expect

A professional contractor such as JM Renovation Company will remove existing plaster around the damaged area and make the necessary repairs to the underlying lath support.  Once the lath has been straightened and secured back into place, the hole in the wall or ceiling can be closed and plastered back together.  The wall is then sealed with what can be a red or orange colored sealant and left to dry.  It takes between 3-5 days for the plaster to cure or dry enough for priming and painting.  It may be necessary to lightly sand the texture to get it to match the rest of wall before painting.

For a new plaster wall or ceiling, it can take 3 weeks or more to dry, based on air flo

Plasterer Cork - Contractors

The JM Renovation Company is a great source for plastering Cork.  We have years of experience in the repair of plastering of walls and ceilings.  From simple spider cracks to full-blown, deeper and larger repairs, we can help restore your plastered walls and ceiling to their original integrity and beauty.

Plastering is one of the oldest of building methods.  In about the 1950’s, drywall replaced plastering because it’s so much easier to work with and doesn’t experience the cracking that occurs over time with most plastered walls and ceilings.

But if you have an older home and want to maintain the beauty and integrity of your walls and ceilings, contact JM Renovation Company (plastering Cork) for help restoring your home to even better than new condition.

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