Whether your flooring is worn out and in need of replacement, or you want to upgrade the look of your home, you can never go wrong with new flooring.

Flooring Cork – When It’s Time for New Flooring

With carpet flooring replacement, you’ll know it is time for replacement when:

Carpet is worn, threadbare or stained

The carpet flooring may be obviously worn out or dirty beyond cleaning in heavy traffic areas. If you have young children, you probably never realized how many things would get spilt on the carpet.

Floors under carpet have mold or mildew

If there has been water damage due to minor flooding or water coming in from an open window, it’s the perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew.

Unpleasant Smell Under Carpets

If your room doesn’t smell good and you’re not sure why, it could very well be due to carpet flooring that needs replacement


Sometimes allergens trapped inside old carpeting can prompt you to get rid of it.

Need a Change

Sometimes you are just tired of the color or pattern and want to freshen up the room with something new.

Types of Cork Flooring

Some of the popular flooring choices in the Cork area are:

Traditional Wood Flooring

Available in hard or soft types of wood, is beautiful, but typically costs more.  Installation can take a bit longer, but once in, wood flooring is built to last a lifetime.

Laminate Flooring Cork

A budget-friendly option that rivals those stunning natural floors.  Since laminate is made of fiberboard, it is durable but not ideal for high moisture areas.

Vinyl Flooring

Like laminate flooring Cork, vinyl flooring is a budget-friendly option.  Vinyl flooring goes through a process which makes the vinyl extremely hard.

Tile Flooring

Porcelain tiles, a durable type of ceramic, are a popular choice for flooring Cork.  There are a seemingly endless supply of sizes, styles, designs and colors.

Timeframe for Installation of Your Cork Flooring

Professional installation of new flooring is dependent on the type of flooring being installed, in addition to the size of your space.  Other factors can add a few days to the installation time such as the installation of sub-flooring, removal of old flooring, and the type of new flooring going in.

For example, carpet flooring may require the installation of a carpet pad underneath to help quiet squeaky floors and add more comfort to the new carpeting.  Hardwood flooring Cork requires installing the floor one plank at a time.  Vinyl or laminate flooring Cork may install in full sheets, small or large squares.  Tile flooring can be installed in large or small individual pieces and can take additional time due to the grout work involved. It all really depends on the type of flooring going in, plus additional finishing work such as sanding, staining, sealing or grouting.

Maintenance of Cork Flooring

Based on the manufacturer’s recommendations, aftercare and maintenance will vary depending on the flooring.

The more experience your contractor/installer has with flooring, the smoother the installation will go.  With over 10 years of experience, JM Renovation Company can make solid recommendations for maintaining a beautiful floor for years to come.

Cork Flooring Projects

Without question, replacing flooring can be an investment, but it is an important design statement throughout every room in your home.  While carpet flooring warms up a space and cozies things up, laminate flooring Cork can give a stylish and modern update to your home.Flooring can be one of the biggest design choices you make for your home.  A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration such as budget, timeframe and the right type of flooring for the space.

Because of all the many colors, designs and styles of flooring available today, you will probably spend most of your time choosing the right flooring. It can be both overwhelming and intimidating when you try to sort through all the Cork flooring options.  Taking the time to look through flooring magazines can arm you with ideas to get you started.  However, to make this process a lot faster and easier, trust the expert opinions and recommendations of seasoned professionals.

The JM Renovation Company has been serving satisfied clients in and around Cork with all their flooring needs.  We have the experience to help you select the perfect flooring and then get to work on the professional installation, so you can enjoy your new floors as soon as possible.

Call the Cork flooring professionals at JM Renovation Company today to schedule a consultation.

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