There are many reasons for the installation of fencing on your property.  Fencing can be used for privacy, to help keep children and pets safe, security or for decorative purposes. Fencing has come a long way since the days of picket or chain link options. The fences of today are beautiful and built to stand up to the most severe weather conditions. Whether you like the traditional wooden fence or the more modern metal options, you will be amazed at all the available fencing options.

Fencing Cork - Choosing a Fence

The first thing to determine is the purpose of the fence.  Most often, it is a matter of privacy, especially in close quarters where neighboring properties are very close to your home.  When space is tight, and neighbors are close, privacy becomes an important issue.  If you like to spend time outdoors gardening or enjoying outside dining with the family, it’s nice to have some private space. Speaking of family, if you have small children, installing a fence can keep them safe from heavily traveled streets and it helps to know they can play safely right in their own back yard. Another concern is the safety of pets.  Allowing your pets to roam freely outdoors without worrying about them running away or worse yet, running into the street, also puts your mind at ease. Gardening is a favorite and popular pastime here in Cork.  Protecting your garden from animals that try to steal the fruits of your labor may be another reason for a fence. Safety and security of items you leave outdoors or for discouraging would-be intruders and trespassing on your remises is something a fence can do for you. Because of all the many designs, colors and options in fencing, you may just want to add a unique, stylish and decorative touch to your yard.  A fence can simply yet elegantly add charm and character to any yard.  As a backdrop for a garden or adorned with flowering plants or vines, a fence is a true design accessory and feature.  It adds instant interest and style to the landscape.

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Types of Fencing Cork

There are a lot of ways to get both the function and beauty you are looking for with fencing.  Here are some of the most popular fencing selections:


Natural Wood / Timber

A traditional selection and timeless classic, a natural wood or timber fence never goes out of style.  It is the perfect backdrop to an existing garden or brings a polished finish to any yard.  A wood fence can be fully closed, giving you the privacy you and your family need.

Garden Fencing Cork

One of the most popular garden fence options is the favored “post and rail” fence.  This type of fence consists of three or four wood slats placed horizontally between the posts.  This fence keeps your garden safe from animals and gives your garden definition from the rest of the yard.  Garden fencing Cork can go as high as 2m in the rear yard without planning permission.


Metal fences are stylish and decorative in nature.  They are durable and look like new even after years of harsh weather conditions.  They require virtually no maintenance and add a touch of class to your property, while keeping pets and children safely inside.

Concrete Fencing Cork

Concrete fences are a wonderfully classic Cork choice.  The concrete fences on the market today are not the solid stone blocks in a dull boring grey color.  The concrete fences you can choose from come in a variety of different styles and colors.  They are pre-constructed walls of concrete, which are installed much like a wooden fence, between posts.  Some of these fences are formed to resemble classic finishes like wood, stone or brick and really add interest and a pop of design, while providing security or privacy as well.

Fencing Cork - Installation

Installation of a fence typically begins by sinking pressure-treated posts into the ground to support the panels or planks that make up the fence itself.  The size and length of the fence will determine how many support posts will be needed to securely install the fence.

Fencing Costs

As with any home improvements, fencing is an investment.  Adding privacy or decorative touches to your yard increases value and gives you much needed privacy and security.  It is hard to determine the cost of the peace of mind that comes along with the installation of a fence for privacy, security or the safety of your children and pets.

Fencing Cork – Professional Installation

For a professionally installed fence that will last for years, it not only requires that the fence be installed properly, but sealed and/or treated if required.Our fencing Cork installers are insured, experienced and understand the planning approval requirements in the local area.

We can help you choose the perfect fence to compliment your house and yard, in addition to giving you the functionality you need.  When looking for a company with the experience you need to install a fence on time and on budget, be sure to contact JM Renovation Company.

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