Another popular room that frequently needs remodeling is the bathroom.  Bathrooms Cork are used by everyone in the home, plus occasional guests, and get a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis.

Bathroom Repair

It’s no wonder that after some time, the effects of the everyday use and high demands required of the bathrooms begin to show.  If there are unaddressed issues to begin with such as improper ventilation or leaky plumbing, it can make the need for repairs or renovations even more of a priority.

The purpose of remodeling a bathroom or all the bathrooms in your home is to give your family and guests clean, functional rooms that look nice and can withstand tons of use and traffic.  These rooms should also provide enough storage for all those health and beauty items, in addition to supplies like bath tissue and towels so everything has a place and is convenient and handy.

If there are hard water stains, rust, mold, leaky faucets or extreme condensation problems, these issues need to be addressed and fixed not only for cosmetic purposes, but to save the money for repairs that will only become more serious and expensive in the future.

Bathroom Extensions Cork

At JM Renovation, we are experts when it comes to bathroom remodels and extensions.  Even by adding an extra bit of space, it can give you the extra room you desperately need if you have a one-bathroom home or your main bathroom is small.  Bathroom extensions are an excellent investment in the overall home value.

The extra space may allow the layout of the room to be changed to a more efficient floor plan or give you extra space for much-needed storage or a bigger vanity.  This is especially important if there are a few people living in the home and using it several times a day.  The extra space and storage will make everyone’s bathroom experience far more pleasant and comfortable.

Bathrooms Cork - Renovate or Complete Gut?

If the bathrooms simply need freshening up or replacing some outdated or leaky fixtures, it’s a pretty smooth process.

However, if there are extreme moisture issues to the point that the paint is bubbling, windows and mirrors take forever to dry or the toilet tank is sweating, the time is now to address ventilation issues.  Improper ventilation reduces the ability for air to circulate efficiently.  Once moisture or water gets trapped behind grout and tile, it not only causes damage to the grout and tile but can also cause damage to paint or underlying wood.  This also presents a prime growing place for unhealthy black mold.

If hard water is present in the home, the toilet bowls, showers/tubs and sinks can all be victims of hard water staining and rust.  This is not only unsightly, but nearly impossible to permanently clean and remove.

All these issues put together may move the project from a renovation to a complete gut and total remodel of the bathroom space.  If the bathroom has never been upgraded or it has been years, it may be time for a complete renovation and replacement of all finishes and fixtures.

If you are considering a complete remodel of the bathroom space, it would be a good time to consider a bathroom extension to save time and money, as well.

Bathrooms Cork - Goals

As with most all renovations, begin with the end result in mind.

  • Is the goal to increase the size of the bathroom?
  • To provide more storage or just more room to move around and get ready?
  • How many people are using the bathroom?
  • Would it make sense to go with a bathroom extension due to the sheer number of people using the facilities?
  • Would it work better for your family to be able to add a larger vanity with double sinks and more storage?

First consider the goals and needs of your bathroom so the planning stages come together faster and more efficiently.

Bathrooms Cork – Length of Renovation

The length of the renovation or extension project will depend on the size of the bathroom and work to be completed.  JM Renovation can thoroughly evaluate your wish list, goals, budget and desired deadline and come up with a customized plan for you.

Bathroom Extensions Cork – Results

If high quality and professional results are what you want, JM Renovation Company can meet and exceed your expectations.  What you will get is a long-lasting, beautifully renovated or remodeled bathroom you and your family will enjoy for years to come.  JM Renovation has proudly and successfully completed many bathroom remodels and extensions.

Roofing Contractors, Cork

You want to hire a reputable roofing company.  A company who has a lot of experience in all things roofing and who can make solid recommendations about the type of materials to use that will give you a safe, aesthetically-appealing roof that will last. When you as a savvy consumer are looking for great value, excellent service and the use of only top-of-line products, specifically roofing contractors, Cork and surrounding areas, one name comes to mind. The JM Renovation Company has served our many satisfied customers since 2014.  Our company brings over a decade of experience, is fully insured and knowledgeable about just the right roofing and gutter needs for your home. Contact us to set up a consultation for an inspection of the current condition of your roof and gutters. The JM Renovation Company is here to answer questions and take the time to make sure you are another one of our satisfied customers.

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