If you live in a smaller home, you can appreciate the fact that every bit of space is premium.  Maximizing every square inch is the key to giving you and your family a home that gives you all the space you need to live comfortably.

When you are looking for extra space for a bedroom, an office or a space to just get away, don’t rule out the attic.  JM Renovation Company, an expert in attic conversions Cork, knows a thing or two when it comes to maximizing your living space.

Attic Conversions Cork – Improving Existing Space vs. Moving

If you need more space, and most everyone does, one of the most overlooked space in the home is the attic.  Forget those traditional ideas that an attic is only for storage and nothing more.  If you need some additional space and love your existing home or neighborhood, it might make more sense for you to think about an attic conversion instead of moving to a new home.


Attic Conversions Cork - Creating More Space

Converting the attic offers a wonderful solution to taking under-used or wasted space and transforming it into a lovely, comfortable living area.

If low ceilings or slanted walls are an issue that has you ruling out the attic as a potential gold mine for additional living space, let JM Renovation walk you through the possibilities.

Adding dormers is one way of providing additional head room and making a room take on a whole new life.  There are a lot of smart, creative solutions to adding more space to a second level.  It really can be an economical and fairly easy way to give you the premium square footage you need.

Attic Conversions Cork - Planning and Design

It’s hard for folks to imagine a room or transformed space that doesn’t exist yet.  It takes a keen eye of professionals who can see the potential area and then envision what the space could give you.

Attic Conversions Cork – Budget

Now is the time to crunch some numbers to decide if an attic conversion makes sense for you and your family.

If you consider saving up a down payment for a new home and all the expenses involved with moving, storage and the timing of it all, creating more space in the attic may make more sense for your budget.

If you love the area, school district or live nearby friends and family, staying in your existing home makes investing in the home an even better decision.

Attic Conversions Cork – Adding Value

Not only does an attic conversion make sense from the standpoint of adding much needed space to your home, but it will also add value to your existing home.

When you do reach the stage where it is time to sell your home, you can be assured that the investment you make in an attic conversion will pay handsome dividends in the sale of your home.  Remember that creating extra living space in your home creates extra value.

Another bonus to an attic conversion is that a lot of attics are heat and energy vampires.  By converting the space, those poorly insulated walls and ceilings can be addressed and corrected.  This will save energy and ultimately, could save you money on those monthly heating/cooling bills.


Once you’ve got the walls, heating and electrical in place, you simply add your homey, finishing touches to complete this new, beautiful space.  It may be hard for you to imagine that it was once a cold, dark attic for nothing but storage, but we can guarantee you’ll be completely satisfied and delighted with the result of your attic conversion.

Attic Conversions Cork - Timeframe

Once you give JM Renovation a call, we’ll visit your home and walk through your space during a consultation.  We’ll look at the structure of your home, listen to your wish list and what it is you want at the end of the project.

We can let you know what the attic conversion would involve and have the information we need to provide you with an accurate estimate, timeframe and budget.


Bedrooms and dens are the most popular types of attic conversions.

As you look around your home and weigh your options about a move or making improvements to your existing home, keep those spaces that you maybe never considered before in the forefront of your mind.  Not only can an attic conversion give you a beautiful, new living space, but with the possibility of installing additional windows or skylights, it will be a light-filled beautiful space.

And because you can plan the entire space, you can incorporate additional storage and solutions to maximize and organize your space so as not to completely lose storage in the attic.

Typically, there is a lot of space in an attic, so with an attic conversion, you could easily make a multi-functional space like a bedroom/office or a family space/guest room.  With the right contractor showing the way, the creative use of space possibilities are quire endless.

Instead of thinking that moving is your only option, explore all your possibilities to save you the time of house hunting and up-front money you need that’s required in a move.

When you take a serious look at your existing home and would it could give you, you might just be surprised at how much you already have.  When you are in the market for attic conversions Cork, give JM Renovation Company a call to set up a consultation today.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you can enjoy your new space!

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